Jun 27, 2017

What I saw Today

Things I saw today-

I saw a lady get out of a man's car with a superhero metal lunch box, and head into a strip club. I was sitting at a red light on my way to Shake Shack, so at the time I didn't think much of it because, well, I was hungry.

I saw a husband and his wife holding hands, until she realized a car was coming in hot to a parking spot. She immediately let go of her husband's hand, and took off full speed ahead. Leaving him behind, and ensuring her own safety. 

During a diaper change, my daughter decided she wanted nothing to do with getting a clean bum. She tried to crawl away, though I cleaned her up, put on the new diap, and went to toss the dirty one out. To my dismay, I saw that my entire arm was covered in turd skid.

That's what I saw today, but at least there was some Shake Shack. Am I right?

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