Jun 15, 2017

Indoor Herb Garden

I talk about how I am the poster child for a person with a black thumb all the time #kissofdeath, but I am also always talking about the plants I am trying to keep alive.

My plants and I have a love / hate relationship. I buy them, and they try to kill themselves almost immediately after, but with some proper tender love and care, and a few chats about how important they are to me, we sort through it... sometimes.

Currently, we are starting our first outdoor garden, and since that seems to be progressing, I thought I would also try my hand at an indoor herb garden of sorts.

It smells amazing, and so far the sprouts are still alive, so I must be doing something right.

To create your own herb garden, simply layer a bit of fresh soil on the bottom of your planter (make sure it has a draining hole in the bottom!), and loosen the roots of your plants before adding them to your planter. By giving the roots a light shake, they'll acclimate to their new home much quicker. Add some clothing pins to identify your plants, and decorate by placing with other farm-inspired accessories.

I picked up these herbs at Meijer, and you can read more about my indoor plant tips on their site.

Thank you Meijer for partnering with us on this post!
photos by- breanne rochelle photography


  1. I am forever trying to grow herbs! (I have yet to succeed 😅)

    Allie | www.lunavidablog.com

  2. I would love to know where your galvanized planter is from?


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