May 30, 2017

Overcoming differences in marriage

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My husband and I are often on opposite sides of the spectrum. He see's black, and I see white. He says yes, and I say no. We got to talking about how even our our childhoods are the exact opposite of each other the other day.

Sometimes, this can cause disagreement between us, and on even rarer occasions, it causes one or both of us to have upset hearts, but we work through it.

For the longest time I thought that our differences in life experiences, challenges, and feelings were something that had the potential to pull us further away from each other. I thought all of the differences would keep us from being able to truly sympathize / empathize with one another. I felt like neither one of us would fully understand the other, but then as most things go with us, we talked and those feelings changed.

We talked and talked and talked some more, and are even still talking about how our differences might have the potential to pull us away from one another, but really they have so much more strength in pulling us together.

I believe our differences were placed between us to help us grow. He teaches me to see other sides, and I can do the same for him. When I'm upset about something, he has to work to understand my feelings. When he's worried, I have to work to carry that worry on my shoulders and relieve some of it from him.

That's the beautiful part of our differences. They make us work. We have to work to be better people, and to be better for each other. With each difference comes a new opportunity to be better as a couple, and as individuals.

Sure, having differences might not always be easy, but nothing easy is ever worth having, right?!

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