May 23, 2017

Family is everything

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I wrote this whole long schpeel on Instagram about how I never paint my nails. Blah, blah, blah (you can see that post here).... I basically whined like the baby I am, but then today I was outside with my son, and he said to me, "Momma, here is some polish. Paint your nails. I like it when you paint your nails. They look so pretty. Then, when Daddy gets home he will say how pretty you look." 

Those were his literal words ya'll, and I about cried. He is so in tune to me and my feelings. He was even on a walk with my husband the other day, and when they passed a "treat shop," he said to my main squeeze, "Daddy! We should get Mommy a surprise. She would probably like that!" My husband went on to tell D.C. that he didn't have his wallet, and D.C. jumped in, "We can use my money, Daddy!" #HeartMelted

There's something so special about the bond family creates. It is kind of like a built in safety net. Your family is always there to catch you before you even know you're falling, and my little son is already keeping an eye out for his momma.

Man, I sure am lucky. Kid you are something else. A real gem ma' boy. Love you!


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