Apr 21, 2017

Lost My iPhone

photos by- breanne rochelle photography

The other day, I was strapping my daughter into her carseat. Somehow my car is always full of baby stuff, and there is never any room for me to put my phone or wallet, so by default it goes on the roof. Bad idea. Always a bad idea.

Anyway, I strap her in, and jump in the car. My mom is riding shotgun and we are just chatting away. I hear something clunk behind me, and wonder "hey, what was that?", but our conversation is on a deep matter, so I brush it off.

When we pull up to our destination, like a wave, it hits me. Oh crap. I left my iPhone on the roof! I calmly say to my mom, "Mom, my phone flew off the roof of the car, and it's gone."

She looks at me super concerned because you know how these phone contracts go. No renewal in your contract means you pay out the wutang for a replacement. A little panicked, but firm in her faith in God, she says to me "I am praying for you. We will find it, and it will work."

We turn the car around to backtrack, and she's praying her little heart out, because she's trying to teach my son a life lesson. She wants him to know God hears you, He loves you, and that even the tiniest of things can be prayed about and answered if you have enough faith.

Still cool as a cucumber, but thinking my phone is totally wrecked, I say to my mom "let me try something". I pull over and sign into the "Track My Phone" app on her iPhone, and wait. My phone pings within seconds, blinking on a freeway we had just got on.

Following the GPS, I pulled over (as my phone was in the shoulder) and, in what could be called a true miracle, it was completely unharmed.

Some might say with some logic and science it all makes sense, but I instead proclaim it a dang miracle.

Happy Friday y'all!

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