Feb 8, 2017

Round here lately

I feel like lately I have less and less to complain about, not because everything is perfect, but because my eyes have been opened to what is going on in the world, and I feel truly fortunate to have the life that we do. 

I love listening to the things DC says. He is this incredible person, who has such a wild imagination and a giant heart. He loves his little sister. Always looking out for her. He is always closing the baby gate if someone should leave it open, putting the toilet cover down, and picking up toys as she walks so she doesn't step on them. He is way better than I could have ever hoped, and I feel like he is teaching me to be better everyday #mommyslittlehelper.

Sometimes, I think about him starting school and then I quickly try to brush that thought off. What will I do without my little bud? He's just such a dang light in my day. 

Love you bud!

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