Oct 25, 2016

Truthful Friday on a Tuesday

I've learned that in motherhood you have to chose between yourself and your kids all day long. You have to pee, but your kid is hungry. You're hungry, but your kid has to poop. You're tired, but your kid is awake. It's an incredible thing really. You learn to stop being selfish, and start being selfless. Though, at some point, and in some instances, you do have to pay attention to yourself.

Finding that balance is tough. I'm not good at it, and sometimes I question when I will find it. 

Another thing that is hard for me as a mom, is learning to embrace and live in the constant state of mess, dirty dishes, tossed about toys, and laundry that is clean but that never gets put away. 

As I write this, my hair is mangled, I'm wearing an unbuttoned pajama shirt dress stained with my daughter's snack, and topping it off with my glasses. It should be noted that my son is fully dressed for the day, his teeth brushed, his hair combed, and ultimately he looks like a Gap model, while I on the other hand, look homeless. Though, isn't looking homeless all the rage thanks to Urban Outfitters where you can pay just 99 dollars for a pair of jeans with rips and paint splattered all over 'em?... I digress.  

This is what motherhood looks like for me. It's messy, occasionally gross, and full of mommy hangry moments, but I've also learned that this is the best I have ever been. Totally focused on anything but me, living in what life has given me for the day, and smiling and laughing along the way.

Thank you kiddos for teaching me that though the world around me pushes me to be perfect (and put together and clean), that doesn't have to be what life is. Life is being happy with the messes, and focusing on everything that can't be bought in some store. 

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  1. I have those leggings in green but I am lo-ving this plum color on you! xo


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