Oct 27, 2016

A girl in her 20's

I imagine that a 20-something girl is feeling the best she's ever felt. Her body is still "on fleek," and she is focusing on herself. She's grinding those wheels, and breaking that glass ceiling. She's working her butt off to get where she's going. There's nothing she can't do. She's got that pep in her step. Granted, not everyday is like this, but for the most part, she's feeling pretty damn good.

Maybe, she's falling in love with the man she will marry, or maybe she's just playing the field. This is what I imagine most girls my age are doing. Partying on the weekends. Playing hard. She's enjoying random trips to fun places with her friends. I mean, at least this is what Sex and the City has told me it can be. I do love that show!

The reality of this 20-something is anything but that. I'm recovering from having two babies in four years. I have also gained and lost 140 pounds in that time. Crazy right? It's true. With both pregnancies I gained 70 pounds each. My body is tired you guys. It's wrecked. Don't be fooled by these clothes. I've given birth both naturally and via c-section. This body has seen more than most its age. 

I am building a business while my babies sleep, and playing make-believe dragon from 8-5. I haven't taken a trip alone since 2012, and some days I get a whole 2 hours of sleep. I don't party. I don't hit the club scene. 

What do I do? I'm being me! Finding out who I am, while teaching my kids who they can be. Together we are finding out the best parts of ourselves, and cheering each other on. Sure, my life isn't like most, but by golly guys, it sure is the damn sweetest. 

I'm learning to embrace what my life is, and not to look at what other's lives are. I'm not wishing my life was different. I'm being happy with how it is, and work hard to be better everyday. 

Nothing is easy. Nothing is perfect. There's no crystal ball to tell you what your life will be like later. Look into your life for what it is now, and live it. Love it. Carpe diem that crap out of it. Cheers!

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