Mar 23, 2016

Orbit in the city


We had a fun Saturday a few days back, and it was one I will never forget. We loaded our kiddos up in our Orbit (double helix), and as we were walking to this little burger joint around the corner, we heard "choooooo, chooo." I hurried quick to turn his 360 degree rotating seat to face the direction of the train headed our way.

Our son's curiosity was sparked. Suddenly, he saw a toy he had played with numerous times come to life. Wide eyed he stared, and my husband and I joined. It's so beautiful to see the world through a kid's eyes. They're these perfect tiny sponges, trying to learn everything they can with all their senses. Then, there are us adults, letting all these great and lovely moments pass us by while we stare at our phones, or are too busy crossing things off our to-do lists.

Thanks to our Orbit, we were able to enjoy a walk with our two littles around the city. We got to create some great memories, and also focus on the important things in life, like burgers.

City living is a little easier with an Orbit too. We turned our babies in whichever direction something fun appeared, and even hid them from the glare of the sun. It took the uneven sidewalks like a champ. It also doesn't take up nearly as much sidewalk space as the side by side doubles. We kinda love it!

So cheers to great engineers, to strollers, to trains, and to little boys who make life just a little bit more interesting on a gloomy + cloudy Saturday.

thank you orbit baby for sponsoring this post.


  1. This is the most legit stroller that I have ever seen. Five cheers for Orbit!

  2. love it!!! May have to consider this one once we have a #2!


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