Dec 9, 2015

Room Tour

mattress- ℅ christeli // nightstand- ℅ wayfair // fiber art- ℅ fiber and fridge // bassinet- ℅ land of nod // wood air plant holder- ℅ sea & asters // merry christmas sign- ℅ little dove // deer head- ℅ near and deer // magazine rack- ℅ oooh lovely

When Christeli reached out to us about trying their new mattresses, I took about two seconds to think about it before literally shouting "oh yeah!" As a pregnant woman, nothing is more important than having a comfy bed, and man did I need this mattress. It is memory foam and springless, so I can't feel when my husband is tossing and turning, and my bed literally gives me a hug every night when I climb into it. If my arms were big enough, I would hug it too. 

This mattress is ah-maze balls, and unlike any bed we have ever had. When we were pregnant with DC, we slept on a full, and then co-slept with him in it until he was six months. #wtf were we thinking? The mattress we had then was alright… cheap, but a mattress and we were grateful for it. When he was about nine months old, our parents gifted us a new mattress. It was bigger and that was all that mattered… until I realized I have terrible sleep insomnia and am an extremely light sleeper post-baby. I hear every sound, and feel every movement. Maybe this is an animalistic trait my body has picked up for the sake of my babes, but for my sake it is a total crap trait. I can't sleep ever. In fact, the last time I remember getting a great nights sleep was when I was living by myself before I was a misses. So, finding this piece of memory foam paradise has been heaven sent. I might still wake up easily, because let's face it, there is no remedy for a sleep insomniac except tranquilizers, but I don't feel my husband move, and my bed is now my favorite place to be. 

#winning and it is all thanks to my Christeli! So if you're in the market, you MUST check them out!

side note- if you mention you've read this post when placing your order, they will throw in two free pillows.

* in partnership with christeli *

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