Dec 10, 2015

Christmas Tree Decor 2015

As you may have noticed, our tree is a little ornament-heavy in some spots, and that, my friends, is no accident at all. We have our very "artsy" son to thank for that. I refuse to "fix it", because really who am I to say what a tree should or shouldn't look like? I certainly do not have a degree in Christmas tree decor, and I am trying to soak up all the creativity, cuteness, and originality he has while he still has it.

When Christmas season comes, I always have big plans. Plans to make some fun ornaments, garlands, signs, and even wrap gifts in a simple brown paper, finishing them off with little evergreen wreaths, but that never happens. Like… ever. #tswiftreference #becauseweallknowthewords

Obviously, this year our Christmas spirit is wonky. We are more baby spirit! The Mister and I are so excited to meet our sweetie, and watch her and her brother bond, that making garlands and ornaments has been pushed to the bottom of the list, just after watching the Grinch one too many times. Oh, and maybe next year I will find something to top the tree with. I could go extra tacky and bright with a pink flamingo… 

Occasionally, I daydream about making a cranberry and popcorn garland, whilst sipping hot cocoa, by a cozy fire… and then I realize the counters could use a good scrubbing, and her clothes need to be hung out to dry. Nesting is real my friends. All too real in fact.

xo & merry christmas in case i don't see ya'll around anytime soon. #becauseshescoming

* in partnership with little dovie**

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