Nov 30, 2015

The Love of a Father & Son

DC and his Daddy watch football together.
They sit cuddled up on the couch, both sipping their chocolate milk on the slowest Sunday mornings.
They stuff their faces' with chicken wings.
They kick the soccer ball around, play catch for a few, and even practice some tackles in the living room… despite my better judgement.
When my husband is hanging something else I need up on the wall, my son is racing to his tool box to get his hammer to "fix it, just like Daddy."
When Daddy puts on his shoes, DC runs to the door and yells "buh-bye Momma! C-ya!"
Sure, I might be his favorite…for now, but DC wants to be just like his Daddy, and I am one hundred and fifty percent okay with that.

We took it slow this weekend, ya know, because I'm rounder than a bowling ball. I got to sit back and watch these two spend time with each other.  I figured since little girl could be coming anytime now, we should pay an ode to the best boys in my life.

Watching them put together this stroller this past weekend (our first double stroller in prep for baby sister), something crept into my heart and mind. I realized these two won't be the only ones I focus on, and love so abundantly.  There will be another little person in our brood all too soon, chasing after both my boys, and although she might not have a face we know just yet, she already has our hearts. #thebest

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