Aug 6, 2015

Round here

>>shop this look <<
(clip below to be linked to similar + the same items seen above) 

Things I'm learning this pregnancy >>

-Boy or girl, your face gets fat.
-I love me some greens with soy sauce. I don't discriminate, so give me broccoli or give me asparagus; if it's green and crunchy coat that shiz in soy. #get in my belly
-I only sleep during my son's nap. #insomnia
-I can't wait to meet her. So nice to finally say her on da blog!

-Being pregnant makes me want to sucker punch idiots in the face, to which, of course, I restrain.
-I am collecting back fat like I am about to go into hibernation.
-BUT... I am making a baby in my stomach and because of that I am pretty damn lucky! Holy crap guys this is awesome even with all the crappy symptoms. #laugh cry here  #ashley I reference


  1. You look beautiful! Pregnancy does some awesome things to our bodies huh?! Haha. At least you're craving some green veggies!

    1. Sierra,

      Thank you so much beauty! I am also craving Costco lemonade! Have you had it?! It is ah-mazing! What did you crave?

      Happy weekending!


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