Jul 29, 2015


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dress // sweater // shoes- old forever 21 // watch- old michael kors // glasses- anthropology

Today my husband came home with a bundle pack of Reese's and a smile.

I made a new crockpot meal that was so good even DC asked for seconds. Thank you for the recipe Maile!

There were two extra rolls after dinner... of which I may or may not have eaten them both.

Cleaning up my son's toys is the most ridiculous task there is. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome, than I must be insane. Every five minutes my son dumps out his baskets of toys, I waddle over to them, spend ten minutes trying to sit on the floor (maneuvering this belly is work), pick them up, spend another five minutes picking myself off the floor... only to have him sprint over to the basket I just picked up, dump the entire bin out, and walk away. hashtag- you have got to be shizing me


  1. you are adorable and look so friggen cute with that bump! Oh and I totally feel you on the toys… not going to lie because there are some nights when the mister is working late and I just leave them there until tomorrow…

    1. Natalie,

      Thank you so friggin much sista! Some weeks I just give up on the toys completely and don't even bother until the weekend... other times I am all "he will be home in ten minutes... throw everything into a basket quick!" Haha!

      xo and happy almost weekend sweetie!

  2. Aww looking so lovely with this baby bump, the outfit looks really pretty. I really like the colour of the dress and the necklace :)


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