Apr 13, 2015

DC and a full size bed

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We are saying buh-bye to DC's crib, and embracing his ever present toddler age with a full size bed. What a little prince he is. We are going to be making some changes to his room, and with those adjustments I can already tell he is a lot more adaptable then I first assumed.

His first night on his bed, he was a champ. As if he had been sleeping on it all along, he curled up with his blankie and smiled at me as I tucked him in. Of course a few moments later I heard his little feet make their way to his door.  He had no such luck turning our tricky door nobs, however, and climbed back on his bed. Out like a light he went.

That night I learned that he isn't as "fragile" as I'd previously thought. He doesn't really need that much to adjust. Maybe it's me and my giant sack of sensitivity that displaces my overly delicate persona onto him. He might be half of me, but he isn't me. So, I need to let go of the reins a little, and let him start to take charge. Let him show me what he needs, and trust that he will always tell his momma what those needs happen to be. 

Life lesson number 375.


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