Mar 10, 2015

Leather Jackets and idiosyncrasies

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There are so many kinds of "ruts" to get stuck in, even the simplest being a cooking rut. You know, where you start to make the same thing over and over again, never thinking outside the box.

My husband likes to call me a creature of habit. I order the same meal or the same drink time and time again, at the same revisited restaurants we love. I am an outfit repeater, wearing the same outfit twice in my week (only if I am quick enough with a wet rag to wipe the yogurt stains from my shoulders, where my son loves to rest his head mid-bite). I will even watch my favorite movies over and over again, and have the same surprised reaction every time. The best part of my habitual idiosyncrasies is that I can see the same habits developing in my son. Never wanting to let go of his favorite blanket, always wanting to be read to before bed, reaching for the same apple bar for breakfast, and preferring my right shoulder, where my heart is, never the left.

There is something about these "ruts" that I find comfort in being stuck. So, I will stay in my rut, eating the same food, drinking the same drinks, watching the same shows, because I am so happy to have this life I get to live today.

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