Mar 20, 2015

Glasses & Bleep Machines

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Do you hear that? It's the terrible twos coming to get us. We had a week of nap fights, and bribing 'round here. 

I can't imagine what it would be like to want something and not be able to say the phrase or word for it. Poor little dude. His vocabulary is booming, but not as quick as he needs it to. DC wants so badly to be able to tell me about his dreams in the morning, how the water in the bathtub is a bright shade from our Lush bathbomb, or even that Millie stole his pear. In all his frustration he gives gasps and mumbles, screams and tears. He is so close but so far.

Don't worry son, I am a grown woman and sometimes I can't even "use my {own} words", or I can, just the kinds that require a bleep machine. Anyways.. I am learning patience and you are learning how to slowly piece sentences together. 



  1. You are so cute!!

  2. Totally feel you on this! Z is only 15 months and I too am trying to be patient with her and help her use her signs/words for things. But it is not always easy!!!
    Sending love!


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