Mar 26, 2015

Currently 'Round Here

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> Cinnamon crunch bagels with hazelnut cream cheese from Panera guys... it is out of this world.

> My little boy in his Hunter Boots gets me every time. With Michigan being a swamp of sorts, thanks to all its different forms of precipitation, it is beyond muddy, or going to be muddy by some part of the day. It only made sense to provide him with boots made for puddle jumping and mud walking, right?

> DC is an avid dog walker. He loves taking Mellie for strolls. He also loves this little push cart. He begs me to take it outside with us on all our walks. Our neighbors watch him race it down the sidewalk, and cheer him on. Leash in one hand, cart in the other, his growing rock collection piled into the bed of the cart... being a mother to a little boy is such a dream let me just say.

> The other day I was using leaving my mother-in-law a message over Bluetooth in the car, but before I could hang up, I got a little horn happy at the dude in front on me. #woops #awkward

> I am trying my very best to understand why "bralets" come up in the tops section of every online store. So help me, if my daughter ever tries to convince me they are "shirts" I will make her wear a nursing poncho and tell her that's a jacket. 

What are some random thoughts and stories you've got this week? I am always looking for a good laugh!


  1. Been reading for a little while now and had to comment because the part about if ever your daughter tried to convince you that bralettes are shirts you'd make her wear a nursing poncho had me laughing out loud! I definitely echo that thought!

  2. lol!!! love these, I also have the same thoughts about bralettes, short shorts and itty bitty dresses… Let me just say that I now understand why my mother was so darn strict and I will be the same!'

    happy weekend!


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