Feb 17, 2015

Dear Winter

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It would be pretty easy to hibernate all winter long. I wouldn't be against the idea all that much, as long as I had plenty to munch on, but DC would not be a fan. 

It is so hard to keep him entertained day after day, being cooped up in the house. There is only so much I can do before I've run out of ideas and am scouring Pinterest for "at home actives for toddlers". Watching him get bored, or go stir crazy is rough. It makes me wish we lived somewhere warm and sunny. Where the seasons wouldn't disturb his craving to learn, and we could be out and about. I swear every time we go out.. he gets a stinking cold. 

Dear Winter,

Once the holiday season has past, there is no use for you.


a stay at home momma who is running out of ideas


  1. As one from Ontario, I understand your frustration and plea with old man winter. Though I do not have any children, I can only imagine how much more difficult it is to be cooped up when a little one needs to satisfy their ever-growing curiosities and growing desire to explore and play. I tuck lot of your thoughts and ideas into the area of my mind marked "for the future". Every time I read a post or an insta photo I feel empowered, encouraged and uplifted. Thank you for giving us all permission to be who we are, where we are, with what we're given (including lots of snow and cold). I am glad to know I'm not alone in my thoughts or feelings. I'm forever grateful.

    1. Stinky cold weather! It will get you!

      It is so beautiful to me that you are already thinking about being a momma, and the activities you want to do with them. Such a wonderfu,l focused, and loving soul you have!

      You have no idea how much your two last sentences warmed my heart. The second to last sentence especially. It is so powerful, and so moving, I cannot imagine that someone as simple as me could create such a beautiful feeling in someone else. That made my day, and truly humbled me.

      Thank you for opening your heart to me, and giving me so much love!

      All my love and a huge xo!

  2. Girl!!!!!! I feel ya. We have even been taking two baths... LolHave you tried indoor playgrounds? Or maybe a class? We signed up for a paint & play bc it has been brutal here in Boston.

    1. I have been trying to get creative, but I have this really strange phobia of indoor playgrounds, and play centers .. I am one of those (so embarrassing).

      Sending you warmer vibes!


  3. Totally hear you on this. My son LOVES crafts so we're getting craft happy in my home. I secretly love it too so it's a win win. But oh, to play outside again!


    1. Hahaha! You are a lucky lady that he loves crafts..crafts get really messy and really boring to DC real fast. Wah!

      xo and I am all ears for any other indoor activities!


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