Jan 29, 2015

Sugar Scrub

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My skin is combination, ranging from super oily to overly dry. The oily part can be managed with a few pats of powder foundation, and can even make me look "dewy", which is cute.. sometimes. It is the dry patches and flakes that are not my favorite to deal with. I think using a scrub once a week helps in balancing my skin, and this recipe is so easy I had to share.

What you'll need ..
> half a cup of unrefined coconut oil
> half a cup of brown sugar (+ extra to achieve your desired consistency)

What you'll do ..
1. Mix a half cup of coconut oil and a half cup of brown sugar until you have reached your desired feel. Keep in mind that coconut oil's consistency can vary based on room temperature and will melt in your hands.
2. Add a splash of fresh lime juice to the scrub before applying to your face. If you're having any breakouts or if you suffer of hyper-pigmentation the juice will help even out your complexion and disinfect blemishes.

Good luck, and enjoy your little at home spa day!

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1 comment:

  1. love this, super simple to make! Going to make today! i have combination skin, but right now (winter) it is super dry... excited to try this ;)


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