Dec 4, 2014


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The truth is, I care less and less everyday about how clean my house is. 

The truth is, I drove to a Starbucks drive-thru with both my son and I in our PJ's. So that just happened! hashtag-first timer and it felt so good yet so wrong.

The truth is, the most important relationship anyone will ever have is with themselves.

The truth is, people who are motivated find a way, and people who don't want things bad enough find excuses. I know this is true because I always had an excuse about why I couldn't workout . .  and now that I am hitting those weights I can't stop!

The truth is, just because it's winter doesn't mean I can hibernate and become a fat bear! hashtag-that dr pepper and smoores will get ya beau.

The truth is, my son is learning more and more everyday.

The truth is, some of the things he is learning I never taught him, so thats kinda cool.

The truth is, my son is very saucy! 

The truth is, he is saucy because I can't help but smile when he throws me a pissed off  look. He has the flippin' cutest boss man face that kid, I tell ya!

The truth is, it is a great time of year, and I am so very blessed. From the things that are simple and small to big and beyond, how blessed we all are to have the many freedoms we enjoy.



  1. "The truth is, some of the things he is learning I never taught him, so thats kinda cool".... I know exactly what you mean! He'll do something and I'm like "WHAT! When did you learn that?!"

    1. pwn3rd,

      It's amazing, and adds a bit of comical relief into our hard teething days haha.

      Sending you a big hug! Happy holidays.



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