Dec 2, 2014

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1. A beautiful floral quilt is a gift I would cherish forever, nothing a good cuddle in a cute blanket couldn't fix.

2. A state shaped cutting board is a great gift for newlyweds or a recent graduate to play on their school pride.

3. This bubble bath is super indulgent and luxurious.

4. I am a sucker for a good candle. This one has such a beautiful scent, and is a new favorite.

5.This geometric planter popped up on my Pinterest feed a few weeks ago, and I pinned it to a secret board, but figured I should share the goodness.

6. This speaker set for your phone will make sure whoever set the alarm will get up, and maybe even enjoy some smooth jazz while they prep for their day? Eh, either way these speakers are ah-mazing, and look great on any bedside table.

7. These calendars are everywhere, but I never knew where they came from, or where to get one. Bam. If you were experiencing the same lame runaround that I was, you're welcome!

8. I have wanted a bike for years, and these bikes are my favorite. They're sleek, practical with the adjustable speeds, and have that vintage feel. Hopefully Santa can fit this down our chimney this year?

9. I love the tv show Scandal. That is no secret round these parts. I also don't drink alcohol, which I am sure is no secret too. Anyway, I love me some dang Scandal, so when I found Olivia Pope's wine glasses, I envisioned myself sipping on my cranberry juice + Pellegrino club soda concoction, and cheering her on while she stands in the sun (jake fan to the max woot woot). 

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