Oct 9, 2014

September Favorites

1. mineral powder brush- here
2. liquid foundation brush- here
3. powder foundation- here

1. ocean salt scrub- here
2. facial moisturizer- here
3. facial cleanser- here

babyliss pro flatiron- here

℅ joy bound apparel clutch-here


  1. I absolutely LOVE Trader Joes & have heard people talk negatively about them, but for now I love them & they are super affordable! Have you tried their pumpkin spice yet?? SOOOO good! Also, their unsweetened coconut milk is amazing ;) love it all!

    lisa ;)

    little sweet fox

    1. Little Sweet Fox,

      Than you for sticking with me and my TJ's passion! They are super affordable, which is ah-mazing. Which pumpkin spice are you talking about? I know they have quite a few things that flavor, and my husband is loving the pumpkin spice pancakes if that is what you are referring to!

      I will have to try their unsweetened coconut milk next trip!

      You are such a doll!


    2. Sorry haha, I meant the Pumpkin Spice seasoning! I totally stocked up on it, because you never know when TJ's will stop selling it! Plus, it is only $2! I use it in a lot of my baking... cookies, muffins, banana bread (yum), pancake mix & even in my chai teas ;) We eat mainly gluten free, so I like to doctor up the gluten free pancake mix we have & like to use TJ's seasoning! I am bummed because our TJ's doesn't sell the Gluten free version of their pumpkin spice pancake mix... Oh well! Let me know if you end up getting it & like it ;)


  2. Just watched your vid. Your adorable and I share a love for lush. Major addiction over here.


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