Sep 29, 2014

Perfect fall roundup // 01

I think this neutral long cardi goes without saying, but if you didn't already know it's major. You can dress it up, or dress it down. Whatever you do with it, you'll look fabulous.
neutral long cardi-asos here

If you have been on Pinterest recently, and / or searching "fall outfits," the black knee ripped jeans are where it's at. They have been repined so many times it's impossible to count. Run don't walk!
black knee ripped jeans - asos here

With all the layering up for the colder weather, it's perfect to have a great basic tee on under it all. This shirt is something simple, but pretty enough that if someone is blasting the heat, you feel comfortable enough walking around in it. This round neck pocketed tee fits the bill, but won't break the bank.
classic tee- loft here

This grey chunky knit sweater screams, "comfy." Pair this was some fuzzy socks, and a pumpkin spice anything and you're all set. I waited all year for sweaters like this, and with a price for just under 30 bucks, I'll take it!
chunky knit sweater- f21 here

It wouldn't be fall without a kickbass infinity scarf. This Etsy shop has been an obsession of mine for a while now, and I cannot stop talking about it. They have amazing products, with amazing prices. Be sure to check them out!
scarf- the mad rabbit shoppe (here)

this is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. Love everything. These are my go-to kinda pieces, simple and stylish.

    1. Krista,

      I love that you said simple! Isn't that the best part of fall? It is just so simple and lovely.


  2. I am loving your picks for fall. So cute!


    1. Allie,

      Thank you so much! I think fall is the raddest of all season! So happy it is finally here.



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