May 17, 2014

#fake it 'til you make it

The fake sleep, we have all used it. I think women have been utilizing this skill for centuries. From hiding from the kids, to hiding from our husbands. We all do, and the other day, I put it to good use myself. While fake sleeping to avoid a potential argument, my husband quietly crept into the room. He thought I was asleep, but really I was letting something he did marinate.

I don't know if most women should be allowed to be alone with their own thoughts, especially things that bother us that others do. I feel like it is the opposite of letting a good wine age, and more like letting an already rotten egg rot more. Gross.

Anyways, I pulled a fake sleep, in hopes of avoiding a fight. I woke up, and I wasn't nearly as heated, but as the day progressed, I was busy thinking of how to bring it up. When I did, it was light and not a big deal. We addressed it and moved on, but it got me thinking. How many other women pull the fake sleep in the same situations?

I know I ain't alone on this. Some women for sure fake sleep to get out of. . . something only married couples do, of course ( insert winky face emoji here).  Hm . . . maybe I'll do a poll?


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  1. Once, before I had even met my husband and was sorta, kinda dating a guy, he was over at my house and just. wouldn't. leave! I think he was looking for an invitation to stay the night and I wasn't interested, so while watching a movie I pretended to fall asleep. When he finally noticed, he covered me with a blanket, turned the tv off, wrote me a note and left. I've been doing it ever since to get out of stuff ;) Loved this honest post!


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