Apr 28, 2014

the best pasta recipe you have ever had

 ^^ i empty a can of diced tomatoes into a bowl, & season it with onions, minced garlic, + some cayenne pepper over night for extra flavor.
 ^^ freshly picked basil is my absolute favorite seasoning, so i probably use a lot more of it than most in this pasta, beware basil is kinda potent stuff.

^^ this is how it looks when I'm not trying to be all artsy fartsy, & make it in a jiffy for Sunday lunch, w/ some strawberries + cream!

What you'll need // recipe serves two

1. enough pasta for two servings ( we use penne because i hate spaghetti  so whatever pasta you prefer is golden  ).
2. one can of diced tomatoes ( we like to use the fire roasted ones, adds a little extra punch ).
3. four strips of bacon ( do not used flavored bacon, like hickory smoke. just plain old bacon is what you will need for this ).
4. a few basil leaves, i used about five.
5. some parmesan for garnish.

What you'll have to do //

1. cook bacon & pasta until done. take bacon out of the pan, and place on plate for later.
2. keep the bacon grease in the pan, simply remove from heat and let cool. (about five minutes) add can of diced tomatoes ( make sure to marinate them overnight the day before with 1/2 tbs minced garlic, 1/4 cup onions, + a dash of cayenne ) to bacon grease. 
3. put the bacon grease and diced tomatoes on low heat. add basil. let simmer for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
4. add pasta to the bacon and tomato sauce mixture. sprinkle with cheese and pieces of bacon.

enjoy the best pasta you've ever had! mangiare !


  1. Looks so yummy!!!! I'm going to do this tonight!

    1. @ Kelly,

      Let me know if you like it? Hope you love it as much as we do!



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