Mar 3, 2014

tee- gap old similar here
jeans- here
jacket- forever21 old similar here

I should have worn a scarf.
It was a windy day taking these pictures. I was freezing, and on the verge of a cold. Of course now, I have a cold, and all I could say is I should have worn a scarf! I have a million of those, and I didn't wear a single one on literally the coldest day in weeks! What was I thinking?

Now, I'm in sweats, with a huge mason jar full of water, a butt load of oranges, a stuffy nose, and sitting in a pile of gross used tissues. This outfit better look fan-friggin'-tastic with how I am feeling right now. Quick someone pass my a tissue, and a big old pot of soup!

Also, how do we feel about me putting up some tutorials? You know, some "how-to's" on how to tie my solly or ring sling? Or, dare I say it, some makeup ones?  


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