Feb 24, 2014

My Morning Skincare Regimen

When it comes to my skin, I don't mess around. I know that everything I do today will be permanently etched onto my skin, and especially my face forever. The best piece of advice I can give regarding any skin regimen is "prevent, protect, and nourish." Once you're in your fifties, there is no real way to get rid of every wrinkle, or no hope in turning back time. Work hard now, so that you won't look like a pug in a few short years. You know what I'm sayin'? Word to your mother.

I have combination skin. Dry patches randomly, with even more random spot + blemishes during that time of the month. I get oily in my "t" zone, and even more then a little on most days. I have found that this routine keeps my skin firm, blemish free, and hydrated. 

Moving on to the actual regimen 

But first, a disclaimer- (all but one of these products were gifted to me. the chanel, my mother has been buying me (once a year on my birthday) since I was in high school, and the lancome cream serum +  creme mousse came in a gift at macy's when I purchased their eye makeup remover).

I have talked about the Chanel hydra line so many times because I honestly cannot say enough good things about it! It doesn't break me out, keeps me smooth and dry patch free in the winter, and doesn't make me oily in the summer. It is certainly a splurge, but one worth making. One container lasts me over a year, and it feels like heaven on your face. 

The Lancome eye makeup remover is a dream. It gets all your eye makeup off, without leaving them so oily that you could use the left over oil to grease a pan. You know? I hate when I've tried other brands that get the eye makeup off, but leave behind oil for daysss.

The creme mousse makes me want to wash my face. Honestly, before this I never washed my face with a cleanser, mainly because I was too lazy, and also because I hardly put makeup on these days. But, this bad boy makes washing my face feel like I'm at the spa. It is so soft, it feels like a cream, and it foams. Paradise. Since using this, I can't stop. No more blemishes for this momma!

The cream serum works well with the mousse cleanser, keeping those blemishes at bay, and really nourishing the skin well.

The breakdown of the routine-

1. wet face.
2. apply creme mousse.
3. rub. lather.
4. rinse.
5. remove remaining eye makeup with lancome eye makeup remover.
6. use toner of your choice to get anything that might be left behind off.
7. apply cream serum.
8. apply chanel hydra. 
9. apply makeup.
10. ta-da!


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