Nov 21, 2013

Going back to work after bringing home baby.

I have five minutes to eat, change my babe's diap, and be off to work, and instead, here I am trying to get out all the thoughts running through my mind. It will be a jumbled post, but that's what I've got going on in my brain anyway. I am so proud of my Mister for all the hard work he puts into making our family a semi functional one (ha!). He really does go out of his way to make sure I am happy, and that D.C. gets some one on one time with his Papa. We are so lucky to have him. Especially when he surprises me with dirty Cokes. 

Sometimes I wonder were life will take us in the next year, with so many possibilities right now, it is all exciting and scary looped into one, but I have come to realize that home is a place you make, not where you live. My home is quite obviously with these two, I just want them to be happy where ever we end up. I wish I could do so much more to make that possible, but with just two hands, two feet, and my wreck of a brain, there really is much more I can do. 

Oh, work how you really know how to pry me away from the two most important people of my life. I guess, you gotta do what you gotta do? 

Truth is, I'm proof reading this post at work while I pump. 
Truth is, I wish my babe was nursing instead of pumping. 
Truth is, today was my Babe's first snow day, and I cried leaving him. Harder then I everrrr have before. 
Truth is, I wish I was with him, watching him stare out at the falling snow. 
Today's truths really hurt. 


  1. Hi, Mrs Measom! I found you through Instagram recently and have enjoyed reading your posts! I'm sorry you had a sad day, having to leave your babe and all. But just remember that no matter what, you will ALWAYS be his favorite mommy EVER. And someday, he'll admire you for working so hard for your sweet little fam :) Sorry to be a so mushy in my first comment, gee whiz. I just wanted to leave a little encouragement, ha!
    xoxo Joy

  2. Oh I'm sorry mama! I remember my first day at work leaving my baby (he was only 6 weeks old) and the tears and sadness I felt. But good news, it gets easier, and your baby will be ok!

  3. @ Joy,

    You are amazing! Thank you, for your kindest of words! You made me feel so much better, and I am so grateful that you took time to leave me some support!


  4. @ Anne Hill,

    It is so hard! Thank you, for letting me know that I'm not the only one who aches at it everyday! You're such a shining star!



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