Dec 11, 2012


Between being really sick, and finals, which end today on WTF Tuesday, what a coincidence, I have been locked up in my home for days. The only outside time I have had was yesterday when I left to take a final. Man, was that a story.

I wasn't able to prepare for the final I had, nearly as much as I had hoped, because I have been so sick. Sick meaning I rotate between the couch and my bed for days. What a good husband I have, who has taken such good care of me, because let's be real a woman who cannot do things on her own, is not exactly the happiest woman. Love you, Mister.

Leaving the house I was already kinda late, and very stressed that I wouldn't do well on the final. I started the car, and right away noticed first, that it wasn't driving the way it normally does, second, that I had no gas, and third, that I had forgotten my house key. "It's fine," I soothed my panicking self,  "I will text the Mister to let me in, tell him the car is driving funny, and deal with the gas after my final." A 15 minute drive later, and a text to my Mister sent, he instantly knew what was wrong with the car. He responded "is the tire flat?" I had already parked right outside of the building my final was in. It was a cold dark winter's night, so very dark, but I thought I should check anyways. I walked over and saw the tire was so flat it was barely off the rim. I started to tear  (i do that a lot lately).

I told him the tire was flat, and he (being the Mister wonderful that he is) right away said he would come and change it while I took the final (how dreamy is he). I walked into my final, tears and all, and remembered we needed our ID's to take the exam. I couldn't find mine in my bag, and panicked. "Great, now I can't even take the final from h-e-you know the rest!" Luckily, somehow it all worked out, and I was able to take my final. I got home and went right back to being sicker then ever, and totally unable to fall asleep.

But, there is the glimmer of hope that I will get better, and this might be pushing it, but maybe, just maybe, winter break will be WTF Tuesday drama free?


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