Nov 7, 2012

Spa Day+ Tan

Spa Day+ Tan
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What this tutorial will do for you..

1. Gives you an at home spa day. 

2. Makes your skin glow, as if you had been on a magical island off the coast of paradise.

3. Keeps your skin supple, soft to the touch, and literally glowing.

What you'll do..

1. Lather up, & cleanse. 

2. Scrub away all impurities. 
I use a scrub to remove all dead skin, dirt, & other impurities to even my skins surface and prepare it for the self tanner.

3.  Moisturize with an oil.

4. Shave.

5. Apply the tanner. I have never liked self tanners before this one + i use it with the mit. All the others  leave streaks, blotches, and do not apply evenly. This one goes on smooth but you must ..

a. Apply one limb at a time.
b. Wash hands immediately after applying to each limb. 
c. When you apply it, apply in a circular motion. 
DO NOT GO UP AND DOWN, go in small circles over, across, & in every direction on each limb. It gives you a build-able glow. Goes as dark or as light as you wish by building over the course of a day, or every other day, ect. 

6. Apply a lotion to lock in the tan & moisturize making it last. One lotion I absolutely swear by is Palmer's Cocoa Butter (seen as #6 above). This lotion is inexpensive. It prevents stretch marks, feeds skin that is deeply dehydrated, and leaves it literally smoother then a baby's bum! Love it! Always have, always will.

7. You are all done, and officially spoiled yourself, until the next self tanning session of course!

I hope you enjoyed this little tid bit, because it is one of my favorite at home spa treatments for sure!


  1. So if you want to go darker--do you repeat all the steps later in the day, or just step 5??

  2. @MechamFamily, if you would like to go darker, repeat all the steps {minus the scrub} the day after. Wait 24 hours before reapplying the St. Tropez.


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