Nov 19, 2012

Weekend Adventure at Redrock

This past weekend the Mister & I went on a precious date. We we to Redrock. I ordered the roasted rosemary chicken, & get this, he got chicken schnitzel. Which we both knew he would order eventually, because we love the movie Just Go With it, and how the little "fake euro" man calls Jennifer Aniston his "chicken schnitzel." Our waiter actually recommended it, so the Mister went out on a limb and ordered it. Partially to be funny, and the other half because he has an act for being adventurous. 

My husband loves trying new things, but I thought to myself "uh-oh what is he getting into? He is ordering something he won't like, and will end up going home hungry!" When the food arrived, I stared at his plate. The veggies & fries looked amazing. It is nearly impossible to mess those up, but his chicken sat under this white and brown sauce, that looked not so appetizing. Actually it looked quite distinguishing. In fact, there was so much sauce, you could not even see the chicken. When he popped the first bite into his mouth, he made his well-known "this is amazing face." Surprised at his reaction, and after tasting my wonderful savory food, I thought "why not," & tried his. People, his was so good, it was better then mine! It blew me away.

Anyways, the whole meal we were laughing, quoting movies, and telling stories of our week. In fact, we were having so much fun, that the people sitting around us, kept looking over their shoulders and smiling at us. After dinner and the Mister pouring loads of salt into my water so I couldn't drink it, we went for a stroll back to our car,  and we stopped at this overcrowded small gelato joint. The line was literally out the door for a frozen treat, in the middle of a freezing winter night, is a huge indication of how good it must be.

Bite after bite my eyes grew wider and wider with happiness. I was like a kid on Christmas! We are even going there tonight for FHE! I am so pumped! They have so many flavors, & a darling atmosphere. Oh, how I love living downtown. 
Being so close to everything, and all these new places to discover, I think all young people, and newlyweds should experience downtown living at some point!

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