Jul 16, 2012

We are a pea in a pod?

This weekend me, Mister, & Ms. Manda spent some quality time.
As per the usual we ate. . .  a lot.
Friday me & the Mister went to the mall.
We are quite lucky, and live, literally, 2 blocks from one of the nicest malls
{actually the nicest mall in the state.}
We like to just walk around & look.
ON long days, or weeks, we go to laugh, shop, & eat.
So we pulled one of those.
We went to one of the most delicious resturants ever!
{Yes, we are food junkies.}
We both equally love ethinic eats.
So we ventured to a place that was stacked with YUM!
Eating until we literally could not eat anymore.
Have I mentioned I love dates with my Mister?
Friday was so perfect, & really just want I think, we both needed.
(+) he was looking extra prec with his plaid.
I love my man in plaid I do!

Family bonding the rest of the weekend & lots of loving.
We played "redneck horse shoes," {no judgement here!} made brownies,
ate out again @ noddles.
laughed at good old tweets, learned to dance to our
new favorite song . .. & went to church.
Man oh man I love weekends like those!
soon to be mrs. measom

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