Jul 5, 2012

spotlight on the 4th

Sometimes fireworks don't steal the spotlight on the 4th. At least

that was our case. We decided to get dirty instead (before I continue

get your minds out of the gutter) and head south to the cabin for a

day full of ATV action. We found some open trails and satisfied our
need for speed and fresh-air. We even stumbled upon a little river
full of ice co....refreshing and pure water. What would you do if you
found yourself with a fresh mountain river? Drink? Photograph?
Capture? Of course not. You dunk yourself! Such was the case for the
misses and I and it was a moment for the ages.  As I discovered later
that night, it turns out some people are just made for each other
(wink wink). And top with that with the fact that we have something of
a special connection and you got yourself a combo better than a big
mac, fries, and a coke (big macs arent that good anyway - i mean three
buns? really?) To sum it all up - Indepentastic!

Shout out to my one and only,

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