Nov 9, 2016

Instagram isn't a window

I like to sit outside on my porch during the summer and look out at our little street. When it cools down, and fall comes along, I sit at my dinning room table during nap time, sip on some hot cocoa, and look out our window. 

There's something about seeing the sun's light that makes me feel happy and full. I watch the trees sprout in the spring and turn green in the summer. I watch the leaves change during the fall. In the winter I see all is well, and covered in snow. Looking outside can be such a beautiful thing, it's looking at others lives that can cause some problems.

Instagram gives us this window where we can look through and see others. It can be such a great way to connect, and find a space we belong. It creates communities and friendships. It can do some great things, but I find when I'm looking at Instagram, I'm not looking at the world around me. I'm looking at perfectly curated feeds. I follow two types of people- people I know (who rarely post), and people that post beautiful pictures all the time. As beautiful as their pictures might be, I have unknowingly created a space that can sometimes make me feel lacking. 

I need to put down my phone in the quiet moments I have alone, because those moments don't come very often as a mother. I shouldn't be looking at a world that doesn't really exist. The people I follow on Instagram aren't showing me that bright sun waiting just outside window, they're showing me a house perfectly clean, a body that's perfectly toned, and even a meal that's beautifully plated. As much as I love stunning photography, and seeing amazing home decor, I'm not leaving much room to be happy with what I have and what I've done, when I'm only staring at perfection. 

Here's to sitting by the window more, and staring at my phone less. My feelings of inadequacy aren't coming from who I follow, but from what I think and feel when pictures are perfect and numbers are everything. It's time to set myself free, and turn back to what matters.


  1. You just put into words what my heart has been feeling lately.

  2. Absolutely a bad habit of mine as well. Thanks for sharing :)


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