Jan 29, 2016

my c-section birth story / what to expect from a c-section

our c-section was scheduled because our baby was breech at 39 weeks.

you have to fast the day of your surgery. i recommend scheduling your c-section for first thing in the morning, so that you don't have to go too long without food. fasting always make me nauseous, and more so when i'm pregnant. it also doesn't help that anxiety is super high that day. it was 4 pm by the time they started my surgery. i was literally starved!

when we got to the hospital the woman registering us was new. after filling out all our paper work with the wrong name… she accidentally wheeled me to the wrong floor. we walked around a little before she realized she didn't know where she was going. i took this as a bad omen 110% #terrified.

every hospital has different policies, but if you can, go ahead and register beforehand. our hospital didn't allow pre-registration, but it would have kept us on time for our surgery had they permitted it.

you have to get an iv & a spinal. i have almost invisible veins, so iv's are hard to get in on the first poke, but the iv is a cake walk next to the spinal. 

the spinal is uncomfortable, but it happens rather quickly. i went in thinking it was going to be super painful, so it wasn't as bad as i had imagined. 

i was kinda surprised when i found out they administer pitocin via your iv. they told me it helps with preventing hemorrhaging, and they administer it to you after the surgery. 

another thing i was surprised by was the wave of sickness that came over me on the operating room table. although after my surgery, in talking with several other c-scetion mommas, i've found it to be rather normal. i'm not sure if it was the spinal or a medication they administered, but i got nauseous, lightheaded, and thought the room was spinning for a solid two-three minutes after the spinal. i told the nurse, and she nonchalantly said "turn your head. i have a bowl." thankfully, there was no pukage, and my husband was finally brought in. for the sake of keeping everything sterile, he wasn't allowed in the room until after the blue sheet was up over my tum. 

be prepared, there is literally an entire room full of strangers who get to see you naked from the waist down. there's a pediatrician, two doctors (yours and another to assist), a scrub tech, a nurse, the spinal doctor or nurse, and then whoever else they need in there. my doctor was nice enough to warn me before hand, letting me know there would be about 8 people in the room. 

i was entirely embarrassed, and felt 100% vulnerable right after the spinal as they inserted my catheter. i mean talk about baring it all. 

once the surgery started, they're all chatting it up about hospital politics, and the rearrangement of hospital management while cutting right through my stomach. the doctor also allowed the resident to play operation on me. i could hear him saying "great, now i like to do this right here. see that?" all the while i'm trying to stay focused on meeting my tiny sweet babe of a girl. ya know the usual day at the office #nobigdeal. 

as they are pulling your babe out, there is lots of pressure on your stomach, but you don't feel any pain. it's just pressure, and then bam baby is out and your heart melts, and grows a crap ton. 

all the most amazing feelings and tears start flooding, and just like that, the starving, the iv, the spinal, the fear, the anxiety is gone. you feel so calm and full, and all you want is to hold that baby. you simply desire to see their eyes, count their fingers and toes, smell them, and just be their momma. just like that, it goes from being the scariest and most exciting day, to being the best damn day of your life. just like that. it's perfect.


  1. I give you credit for being able to replay that day. I still have a hard time. Although it was the best day of my life. I can't seem to wrap my mind around having a C-section. It definitely caused some post traumatic stress. I had never had a procedure done and the whole thing freaked me out. Yet it's still beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. Ahhhh. Every time I read your blog I end up ugly crying. I love how real you are. Thank you for sharing this. I'm expecting baby #2 and there's a chance it'll be a c-section because of previous medical issues...it's had me worried. This makes me feel better about that chance.


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