Dec 17, 2015

DIY Donut Ornaments

Remember when I said I always had "huge" plans for Christmas, and then I said I never had time? Well, I needed a distraction from all the waiting for our little lady I was doing, and finally bucked up and completed one of my DIY's for Christmas! First year ever! Go figure?

It was surprisingly a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I am super happy with them. These little ornaments will forever remind me of the Christmas I was pregnant with out sweet Aida #awe.

What you'll need…

plaster of paris
donut tray
small paper clips
paint brushes
two colors of acrylic paint for the donuts (one for the icing + one for the dough)
puffy paint (found in the t-shirt makin section of your local craft store)

What you'll do…

make anchors for your twine by tying the twine to the small paper clips, creating a loop from which to hang your ornament on your tree.

make as many anchors as you plan to make ornaments. ** be sure and make the anchors before you pour the plaster into the donut tray because the plaster dries quick! **

mix plaster of paris following directions on packaging, using a disposable spoon and bowl.

pour plaster into donut tray, filling it up to brim of donut hole.

smooth out plaster, and gently place your paper clip anchored twine into donut. ** i would spoon the plaster into the tray, smooth it, and place the anchored twine in. then move on to the next donut. this helped in making sure the plaster was still wet enough for me to place the anchored twine into it.**

once the tray is full, let stand as long as directions say. usually about 30 minutes. 

lay a towel out, and place the donut tray on top of it, face down. using the hammer, tap around each donut until they pop out. i was shocked at how easily they came out, and without a crack.

then, the fun part. paint the whole donut the color for the dough. let dry, and then paint an "icing" layer on top. let dry. next, paint on the sprinkles using your puffy paint. let dry.

ta-da! donut ornaments that don't break the bank!

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