Aug 31, 2014

At home tan with St. Tropez

Keeping an even tan is somewhat impossible for me because I don't go for runs or walks with my baby in the stroller in a bandeau bikini. How gross would that sight be, anyway? Ew. So, to help keep my tan even, I use St. Tropez. I have been using it for years, and everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon, and for good reason. It is pretty amazing. I love it.

So here is how I use it //

1. Shower first. Start with clean skin.
2. Exfoliate with a light scrub. This will create a smooth surface for the self tanner to stick to. 
*Side note, but so important, use a light scrub every time you shower after using self tanner, this will help to fade it evenly, and keep that streaking blotchy look at bay. I use Ocean Salt from Lush, and I swear by that stuff! That's my secret, so shhh!*
3. Apply self tanner with a self tanner mitt. It is a must have or you will be streaky, and your hands will be permanently stained. Trust me, I know from experience. So for example if you are doing the your leg, do one pump for the front of the foot to the knee, one pump for the back of the knee to the leg, then one - two pumps for the from of your thigh, and another one - two pumps for the back of your thigh.
4. Allow the tanner to dry before getting dressed or into bed. I usually paint my nails or do my eyebrows while I wait. 
5. Apply a moisturizer everyday to help hydrate your skin. This helps prolong your tan.
6. Look and feel like a super hot babe because tans have that affect on everyone, right?

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